Cristina Iulia Racheru

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them as an artist

– Pablo Picasso

Fashion is more than showing clothes. It is a way of communicating. Designing clothes is the medium for Cristina Racheru to do so. Clothes are supporting the story to tell and the vision of the designer to share.
Cristina Racheru wants to make a statement by telling the story through fashion. She plays with shapes, form and the use of material in order to get to her story and to send out her message.

Show, don’t tell

Her signature is characterized by experimental use of material in a futuristic way. Her work is often abstract and expressive with a touch of drama. The feed back that Cristina Racheru received on her Projects contained words like: “mystical” and “dramatic”. Comments like “spacial” and “alienated” were given reflections.
Therefor, Cristina Racheru is not to be classified in one certain direction.